Contact Your School
The EZSchoolEnroll service is provided to parents in cooperation with many school districts nationwide. Most correspondence should be directed to your child's participating school. This includes questions about password resets, refund requests, student accounts, enrollment, credits and purchasing, transaction history, and any other district-specific information that EZSchoolEnroll would be unable to answer or assist with.

To obtain contact information for your school (including the phone number and an email contact form), please use the School Search page.

Contact EZSchoolEnroll
Questions, comments, and suggestions specifically about the EZSchoolEnroll website or mobile app can be submitted to our EZSchoolEnroll support staff. Please remember that your school or district can help you with password problems, and that we aren't able to answer questions about enrollment, account refunds, student information, transaction history, and so forth.

Please use the Contact Form to submit a request. If your request requires help from your school or district, please contact your school directly. This will help avoid additional delays in receiving assistance.

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